About Us

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This channel has been developed for easy transmission of News from national and international to the local level. We hope it would be helpful to the villagers.

SEEMANCHAL, includes ARARRIA, KATIHAR, KISHANGANJ, and PURNIA districts of Bihar. Kishanganj is one of them which share their border with Two countries named Nepal and Bangladesh.

Purpose of the development of this site is to aware the nation about the difficulties faced by the people of Seemanchal. They collectively named because they overall share their culture and customs.

Problems: The Most fear for the people residing in this location is A Devastating Flood, which kills hundreds of people every year and thousands lost their homes. Even of coming such devastating natural calamity, the people of SEEMANCHAL are very hardworking, laborious . Since they never stop of doing what he was doing before the devastation. They never stop to built same house which has been destroyed continuously every year.