Changes in the rule of compassionate job in Bihar, a government bowed down to a woman

The Bihar government made a big change in the rules of compassion on the job, now in some special cases, after 12 years, the job can be applied on the order of the High Court, a woman had made a change in the rule in the court.

The state government is going to give huge relief to the dependents of the missing government servants. Now they can apply for compassionate job after 12 years from the date of disappearance of their kinsman. Notification has been issued by the General Administration Department. A copy of this has been given to all the divisional heads of the headquarters and also to the divisional commissioners. The government has made this change in the matter of giving jobs to the missing servants on the advice of the Patna High Court. It has also become effective.

Change due to a woman’s petition

The case was brought in the Patna High Court on behalf of a woman. The woman’s husband was a government servant. They went missing in 2005. Eight years after the disappearance, the woman applied for the job on compassionate grounds. His application was rejected on the grounds that there was a delay. Because the previous rule of the general administration department was that the dependents of the missing servant should apply within five years.

The High Court objected to the government’s rule The High Court objected to this rule. The court held that section 108 of the Indian Evidence Act has a period of seven years to declare a missing person legally dead. In such a case, how can a dependent claim a job by declaring his relative dead before seven years.

The government changed its old rule

Following the Patna High Court’s comment, the General Administration Department has changed the rule of compassionate appointment to be made in this case. According to the notification, the dependent can apply for a job seven years after the disappearance of a government servant or up to five years after he is declared dead by the competent authority.

Minor dependents have also been given separate relief. Seven years or even five years from the date of declaration of the dead, if the dependent is not an adult, he will still get the benefit. The condition is that he should apply for the job within a year of attaining majority.


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