Today, passengers going from India to Australia get 5 years in jail and a fine of 50 lakhs, the verdict created a ruckus

In India, many countries have imposed travel ban in view of the havoc of Corona virus. In this series, Australia has also imposed a temporary ban on passengers coming from India today ie from 3 May to 14 May. Travelers who break into this ban or reach Australia secretly through another country can face a fine of up to 5 years or a fine of up to Rs 50 lakh. There has been a lot of uproar in Australia after the government’s decision. Locals are accusing the Australian government of racism.

139 people from abroad found infected in 7 days The Australian Health

Minister also said that the government was not taking this decision lightly. This will protect the Australian public health and quarantine systems. With our decision, the corona cases in the Quarantine facility will be reduced to our capacity to handle them. In the last seven days, 139 people from abroad in Australia have been found infected with the corona virus.

There are about 4 lakh corona cases being reported every day in India.

This is why Australia has banned travelers coming from India. In a statement on Saturday, Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt said that anyone ignoring the new restrictions could face a five-year sentence, a fine of $ 66,600 (Rs 4921240.50) or both. The ban will remain in force until May 15, although it may be extended further after review.

Ban imposed after the return of two Australian cricketers The new Australian government ban has been imposed after two Australian players arrived in Melbourne via Doha last week. Actually, both the cricketers reached Qatar via Australia after direct flights were suspended from India. After which Australia has announced a ban on travelers coming from India through any country, even if they are Australian citizens.


9000 Australians stranded in India Senator Matt Canavan, who joined the Australian government, said in a tweet on Monday that it was more important to fix Australia’s quarantine system, we should not leave our people in another country. He said that we should help the Australian team come back from India and not make fun of them. Around 9,000 Australians have registered to return to India.


Local media said this is the first time any Australian has been criminalized for attempting to return home.

Such restrictions were not imposed even at the peak of corona virus cases in Britain and the United States. The restrictions imposed on travelers coming from India have been opposed by the Indian community, human rights institutions and government of Australia.

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