How to know if Maulana Wali Rahmani’s death is due to coronavirus vaccine?

Is corona vaccine poison or nectar? Modi government must be told… People are asking questions It is with great pain and anguish that it has to be said that Amir Shariat of Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha, Wali Rahmani, the great and fearless leader of the Muslims and the General Secretary of the All India Muslim Personal Labor Board, are no longer with us. Hazrat departed from this Darfani forever It is said that 15 days before his death, he was vaccinated against corona, after which his health started deteriorating and finally he breathed his last at Paras Hospital. Maulana’s demise is a great loss for Indian Muslims. After losing a great leader like you, the Muslim Ummah is once again feeling helpless.

And especially the way in which the reasons for your demise are coming to light after you can clearly see the anxiety and uneasiness among the Muslims. According to reliable sources, Hazrat’s health started deteriorating when he was vaccinated. Many also question how Maulana became positive despite being vaccinated. Many have also expressed concern that Maulana’s death was due to vaccination somewhere as many people also claim that besides Maulana himself, many of his friends and relatives have been vaccinated for 3 to 4 days after vaccination. He died of high fever and cough, including two teacher friends from Hyderabad who died after being vaccinated.

Apart from them, Mr. Karimuddin, a resident of Ahmednagar, Meerut, is also being mentioned. The condition was mild, and on the fourth day the foam suddenly came out of the mouth as the poison had an effect on the body, and he died before reaching the hospital. If so, why should people get vaccinated? While there is a fear among the people that the vaccine is killing a good person instead of saving their life. Many people are going to die one by one after planting?

It is the responsibility of the Government of India, instead of gathering crowds at election rallies and making statements against opposition parties in the face of these dire circumstances, to confront the frightened masses and allay their fears by holding a press conference on the benefits of vaccines and its Openly tell the public all the facts and reassure them that there is no danger in getting vaccinated, so that the public can benefit from it.

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